Getting ready to visit Ozona Community? Here are some things you may be wondering about….

  • Dress is casual.

    (This is a beach town in Florida. We do casual like nobody’s business!) You will find people in jeans, but you will see people in a suit and tie as well.  Don’t stress about having ‘church clothes’…just come!

  • There are no assigned seats.

If you see an open seat…take it!

  • We won’t embarrass you.

We promise – no one is going to ask you to stand, say anything or wear a big sign that says ‘VISITOR’. If we don’t recognize your face, chances are good we’ll stop and say ‘Hi’, shake your hand and introduce ourselves.

  • We’re friendly, but we’re not going to stalk you.

We’ll ask you to fill out a visitor card, but not so we can show up at your house for dinner unexpectedly.  We’ll send you a letter thanking you for coming and ask you about your visit, but that’s it. (If you want to invite us for dinner, though, we’re good with that. Just ask!)

  • You don’t have to know everything about the Bible.

We know that everyone is at a different place on their faith journey. We want to help you grow in your faith, and will do everything we can to help you. In fact, if you don’t have a Bible but would like one, just ask. We’ll be happy to give you one. Not sure where to start in your Bible reading? We can help with that too.

Have more questions? Give us a call – we’d love to speak with you!